An On-Site Singing Workshop for Your Worship Team




Your Team Shouldn’t Be Distracted by Vocal Obstacles:

+  My team lacks unified technique
+  We sometimes wither from strain/fatigue
We struggle to sound contemporary
We often have to change song keys

We don’t want to push, strain, or crack
We feel a lack of confidence
We want range that goes to new heights
We’ve drifted from our mission

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Singing Set Free is a 3-Part Onsite Event


You need a voice that can stay strong for all services, and effortlessly shift the atmosphere. Singing Set Free is a remarkable combo of singing technique and spiritual breakthrough.

Private Coaching

You’ll get out of your head, resolve years of guessing, and unleash your confident, powerful voice. Sophie’s private coaching will hone your skills and address personal obstacles. 

Guest Worship Leading

Celebrate together as Sophie guest-leads with the team. Get new vocal inspiration as you apply the techniques to your actual setlist. Experience new heights and depths… together.

Most teams don’t realize they’ve been feeling stuck for a while.
A Workshop gets you moving again.

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Sophie Shear

Sophie Shear has seen world-changing messages get overlooked because the singer had doubts within. Her brilliant methods detect vocal issues in seconds so you can use your voice effectively. Her spiritual insights help silence the confusion so you can cultivate boldness.

Her clients have appeared on American Idol, XFactor, The Voice, are on Capitol Christian, Warner Bros., Columbia, and have won CMA, Dove and Grammy Awards.

How to Book a Singing
Set Free Workshop

1. Fill out a request form

2. Talk to one of our staff

3. Choose a date + Customize your workshop

4. Let us handle the registrations

5. Enjoy the workshop, and grow your church, with an engaging + powerful worship team

“This was EXACTLY what our team needed. Sophie’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is very apparent. So good!”

Dameon Aranda
Worship Pastor - Edmond, OK

“Sophie has world-class skill and teaching ability. Her Masterclass always gets the best reviews. When she leads worship with us, she is always authentic and Christ-centered.”

Carl Cartee
Worship Pastor - Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville, TN

“Sophie's knowledge of vocalizing is superb and her contagious personality makes it fun in the process. The Masterclass was a great investment into the vocal health of our teams.”

Beau Pace
Worship Pastor - Fern Creek Christian Church in Louisville, KY

How Does It Work?

You probably want to boost live-church attendance, delegate more to your vocalists, and get more people singing during worship. The Singing Set Free workshop can help.

Singing Set Free is the only event of its kind: designed to help worship singers get an instrument they can rely on, and bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm to their services. Created by Worship Leader and Vocal Coach Sophie Shear, who has helped over 5,000 singers get total command of their voice.

Many singing methods are more suitable for opera singers, but they overlook the one coordination that produces more voice than the contemporary singer will ever need. You’ve probably heard of it, but likely feel confused about how to actually discover, build, and use THE MIXED VOICE.

During the workshop, Sophie will show your team the 3 skills that every Worship-leading-ninja should have. And the beautiful thing is… your church can choose to cover the cost of the event entirely, or to crowd-fund by charging a small admission, and even opening the event to other churches in the area. (Most churches end up spending little-to-nothing out of pocket.) Registrations are handled on our site, so all you have to do is turn on the lights that day.

To book a workshop at your church: 1. Fill out a request form. 2. Have a brief conversation with one of our staff to customize your workshop. 3. Let us handle the registrations. 4. Enjoy the workshop, and a more empowered + aligned team.

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Discover How Singing Set Free will Enhance Your Worship Team

How It Works

Watch Video

What You’ll Learn:

How to sing higher... easier
What the "mix voice" actually is
Avoiding "church lady" tone
Do *this* to blend your voice
Singing Killer Harmonies
Break-up with your vocal break
How to get them to sing with you
Tricks for singing so EARLY
Vocal Stamina
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Get the “5 Singing Secrets Every Worship Leader Should Know”

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We never sell or share your information.

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