April 11, 2021 (10AM CST)

"Sing Like a Pro"

A 3-hour masterclass with Sophie Shear for Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Country singers to help you extend your vocal range and hit every note every time. 

*Replay video included!

Sing Like a Pro Masterclass

+  How to nail every high note
+  Vocal tricks that get standing ovations
+  How to avoid vocal damage
+  Why you shouldn’t “open your throat”
+  How to get out of your head
+  How to sing on pitch consistently
+  The phrase you should never use on stage

Sing Like A Pro Masterclass
w/ Sophie Shear

Feeling frustrated because you know there’s more you could do with your voice? During this 3-hour masterclass, Sophie will help you identify what prevents you from singing with ease and comfort and give you a clear roadmap so you can nail every note every time.

Session 1: Extend Range, Get Primed for Power, & Perfect Your Pitch *Homework assigned*

Sophie will help you improve your range and control right out of the gate. She’ll show you how you can eliminate straining for good, and talk about the 2 things your voice needs more than anything else to level-up.

Session 2: Things That Destroy Confidence, & Hot Seats *Homework reviewed*

Sophie will talk about how to sing with soul and emotion, and FEEL your voice. She’ll invite a few singers to do one-on-one “Hot Seats” and review their homework. Sophie will show those observing how to make small tweaks that will change everything.

Session 3: Muscle Memory & Live Q&A

Sophie will share her process for creating muscle memory — so you can relax and get out of your head knowing that you’ll nail it. With one trick, she’ll outline how to scientifically prevent nervousness when performing. She’ll host a live Q&A, responding to ALL questions from the chat.

Will this be recorded? 

Yes. After the class, we’ll send the replay to everyone who registered. It will be available for 7 days. 

Can I share my access with friends?

A registration is valid for only one user. If you want your friends to experience it too, send them a link to this page. 

Will Sophie hear me sing live?

This is a group training, so Sophie will not hear everyone sing live. There will be a few Hot Seats, but these are demonstrations for everyone to watch and learn.  

Is this Class for Christian Singers / Worship Leaders?

If you lead worship or sing at church, there’s a separate class that’s just for you! Click Here.

 Can I talk to someone before I register?

Yes! Email Jane at: info@sophieshear.com

Date & Time

Sunday, April 11, 2021 (10:00AM CST)

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