The "Master Your Mix" Workshop

A 3-hour interactive workshop with Sophie Shear to help you blend your entire voice,
and sing any note with killer confidence.

Singing without mixed voice could hurt your vocal cords,
or worse… make you sound uninspiring.

+ Feel frustrated with your high notes?
Confused about blending vocal registers?
+  Wish for more control?

Want more power without hurting your voice?
Have questions about the mix voice?
Feel “on” sometimes – but lose it?

The “Master Your Mix” 3-Hour Workshop

w/ Sophie Shear

An untrained voice can cost you. And Sophie is not accepting new bookings at this time, so here’s your chance to train with her face-to-face on Zoom. During this 3-hr workshop, Sophie will show you the 3-step process to discover your mix voice and stand out as a flawless vocalist.

Step 1. Connect your vocal cords. Your vocal cords must connect, vibrating on the inner edges for every note you want to sing. With the right exercises, you can train your vocal cords to stay connected effortlessly.

Step 2. Find the pharyngeal register, which is the third register in between chest and head voice. It’s rarely explained well, but it’s responsible for connecting your voice in the middle, and opening up more vocal range in minutes.

Step 3. Use your new mix voice in a song, and deliver it flawlessly. This adds depth to your tone, allows you to sing much higher, and prevents your vocal cords from getting damaged.

Download the replay video, and you’ll have a fool-proof routine you can use continuously to up-level your singing anytime.

Anniversary Sale

Date and time: Thursday, October 22nd at 11 am CDT

Questions? Call 615-942-6382 / Email info@sophieshear.com

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