The "Extend Your Range" Workshop

A 3-hour workshop with Sophie Shear to help you sing
higher and nail every note every time

You Can't Sing Higher if You're Making
One of These 3 Mistakes:

+ Your vocal cords are not connecting
Using 2 vocal registers instead of 3
+  “Supporting” the diaphragm like everyone says (yes, you read that correctly)

The "Extend Your Range" Workshop

Everybody says singing higher takes years, and you HAVE to use your diaphragm. It’s normal to feel worn out after singing, or feel like your voice is weak and not there for you. We just don’t agree. During this 3-hour workshop, Sophie will take you through the 3 simple things you need to sing higher immediately:

+ Vocal cord closure
All 3 Vocal registers
+  A “new” diaphragm 

SCHEDULE: January 7th, 2021
10 am - 1 pm CST

Hour 1: Group lesson
Hour 2: Vocal exercises, homework assignment
Hour 3: 1-on-1 questions, homework review

Sophie is not booking new clients right now… so this is your chance. You’ll walk away singing higher notes with ease and comfort.

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Date and time: Thursday, January 7th, 2021 | 10 am – 1 pm CST

*Registration includes a replay video 

Questions? Call 615-942-6382 / Email info@sophieshear.com

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