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Lee Farrish

Specializes in:  Extending range, smoothing vocal breaks, style, mix voice, pitch control, live singing, emotional expression, vocal health, guitar, songwriting/song arrangement, and “accompany yourself” coaching. Genres: Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Worship, R&B

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How to Make High Notes Easy

Lee Farrish

Lee is a master of captivating a crowd, but even more so, he’s obsessed with helping his clients do the same. Lee has been singing since he could talk, and he lives to bring clarity to confusion. With jaw-dropping “aha” moments, he will help you get the answers to singing questions that you’ve always wondered about, so your mind (and voice) can have total freedom when you sing.

He will create a personalized routine that will help you smooth out vocal breaks, sing higher more comfortably, and develop an unshakable confidence. You’ll sound better instantly, overcome years of frustration, and you won’t do it alone. Lee will help you tap into the greatest singer you’ve ever been.

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