Author: Sophie Shear

Famous Singers Who All Took Vocal Lessons

Here are just a few of the world’s most recognizable singers who took vocal lessons. It’s easy to think that these famous singers were just born with it, but many of them worked diligently to become the vocalists they are today. Celine Dion – “I still have a coach.” Steven Tyler Jessie J Taylor Swift – “After I warm up it’s like ‘wow, that was never hard.” Lady Gaga Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson – “I love

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The Diaphragm Rip-off

So many singers tell me in their lessons “I know I’m not breathing/singing with my diaphragm.” It’s weird… there’s so much confusion around this topic, and yet every trained singer (and many untrained) recites this phrase almost religiously. Vocal degree or not, it’s rare that someone can actually explain how the diaphragm works accurately. And if you don’t understand it, it will weigh you down when all you want it is to sing effortlessly. So

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Making Sense of Different Methods

You might be confused about the validity of the million different singing methods out there, ranging from the classically-based opera rulebook, to the mystical “imagine your voice as its own person” kind of thing. (I’ll take this opportunity to correct a popular rumor: no, the larynx does not tilt or swing forward and back inside the neck. But it does slide up and down.) So how do you know if a technique DOES work? Here’s

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Vocally Surviving the Winter

Here in Nashville, Music Row pretty much shuts down in the months of November/December. Many of us musicians go into creative hibernation and dive head-first into our part-time jobs. But here’s what I don’t want you to forget: “Training is what you are doing while your opponent is sleeping in.” “The difference between a good athlete and a top athlete is that the top athlete will do the mundane things when nobody’s looking.” When it

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