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A restricted or untrained voice can cost you your dream gig.

+  Feel certain you’re capable of more?
+  Get frustrated trying to wing it?
Feel unsure how to develop your voice?
+  Want to sing higher?

Want to overcome insecurity?
Want to protect your voice from damage?
Wish for more vocal power?
Want to stop getting hoarse or fatigued?

Competence Leads to Confidence

Get step-by-step training.

Follow the exercises, know you’re doing it right, and experience the instant results.

Find freedom to sing anything.

Access more vocal range, sing with ease and power, and get healthier vocal cords.

Love YOUR voice.

Leverage your unique style, overcome what holds you back, and stop comparing yourself to other singers.

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Sophie Shear

Sophie Shear knows the mental battle singers face. She’s hooked on helping you uncover the voice that wants to burst out, and overcome what holds you back. Her brilliant methods detect vocal issues in seconds, and her exercises set voices (and singers) free instantly. 

Her clients have appeared on American Idol, XFactor, The Voice, and are signed to record labels like Big Loud, Capitol, Warner Bros., Columbia, and have won CMA, Dove and Grammy Awards.

Get instant access to powerful singing techniques and find your true voice.

Become an instantly better singer with a coach who is on your side.

Vocal coaching and courses to help you sing with full authority.

Here’s How to Become More Comfortable and
Confident When You Sing

  1. Choose Your Course
  2. Download Your Lessons
  3. Step Into Vocal Confidence
  4. Never Hold Back Again

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Get Sophie’s “5 Singing Mistakes That Destroy Confidence”

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Yes! I want to avoid the 5 mistakes that destroy vocal confidence!

Most singing methods are for classical singers.

But we believe every singer should have access to the secret coordination that popular singers use to produce more voice, for half the effort. You’ve heard of “chest voice” and “head voice”… but what the greatest singers have in addition to these is called “mixed voice.” (Think Whitney Houston, Steven Tyler, Ariana Grande, or Harry Styles.)

  1. Your vocal cords must connect, vibrating together on the inner edges. And this must happen on every note you want to sing well. With the right exercises, you can actually train the vocal cords to stay connected effortlessly.
  2. You need to discover the third register that sits right in between chest and head voice. It’s called “pharyngeal voice”. It’s rarely explained well, even though it’s responsible for connecting chest and head together in the middle, opening up an entire third of previously unused vocal range.
  3. You need confidence in your unique vocal style. The greatest singers have one thing in common: they are unmistakably them. In order to belt with the greats, you have to know what you bring to the table, and exactly how/when to use it.

 We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your dream.

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